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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Take-back Program

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If you look around, you will see that reuse is everywhere around us, from the beer store and milk bottle returns to takeout schemes and events. This segment of packaging is growing fast among businesses that realize reuse has numerous benefits, such as increased loyalty, repeat purchases, and improved brand image. 

Beyond just deposits, which we’ve written about in the past, we’ve discovered that businesses are missing out on easy ways to improve their reuse rate. We’ve written this post to help anyone implement a successful reuse program. The keys to a successful program can be broken into three categories: awareness, incentive, and ease of use. 


It is hard to emphasize how crucial awareness is to the success of a reuse program. Despite what you may remember from Kevin Costner’s performance in Field of Dreams, just building it doesn’t mean people will come. At Circulr, we’ve implemented a variety of awareness tactics, including social media posts, signs, in-store talkers of a few various types, handouts, stickers on jars, boothing, and media mentions. It’s important to have as many physical reminders as possible for consumers to ensure the program is top of mind when they are in the store. An example of a sign we have at Fiesta Farms can be seen below.

Beyond that, having active engagement from staff at the point of purchase is crucial so that consumers can be guided through the process. Store staff should also be able to answer questions on what incentives there are to reuse and know details about the safety of the program.

Optimal Solution: We’ve seen that messaging right on the packaging and shelf, paired with store staff engagement and signs that outline where packaging return is possible, are the best ways to maximize reuse in a store setting. 

At Circulr, we work tirelessly to help producers and retailers implement an effective awareness campaign to boost reuse. Awareness isn’t just about telling people you have a take-back program. It means explaining how the whole program works and why it’s worth joining so that it is easy for the consumer to understand how to participate and receive their incentive.


We’ve talked at length about how effective deposits are. I suggest you check out what we’ve written on the matter and how we have used them.

When choosing the right incentive for your reuse program, you must pick an incentive that is right for your business. Whether it’s offering a discount every time an item is returned, having a deposit on each item, using a points system, or anything else, make sure you choose the one that best fits your goals and business.

Are you looking to use reuse as a tool for repeat purchases? Discounts and points are probably your best bet.

Do you badly want your packaging back? Deposits or Rewards (“packaging bounty”) are the best option. 

Optimal Solution: For most businesses, we recommend a “normal” deposit. However, if you aren’t sure, you can always message us to chat about what’s best for your company.

At Circulr, every producer that works with us has at least a $0.10 reward on the item. We offer producers an easy way to implement an incentive for their products on our mobile app, that avoids having to hassle every retailer to input it at POS. 

Ease of Use

No matter how badly someone wants to participate in reuse for its environmental benefits, if it isn’t easy to understand and use, they simply won’t.

A high ease of use means it’s easy for a consumer to purchase the product, return the packaging, and be rewarded.

The main point of pain for many people when thinking about reuse is returning the packaging. Historically, this was done the next time a product is delivered (milkman model) or at the cash the next time the consumer makes a purchase (beer store). 

Optimal Solution: For producers, we recommend connecting directly with your retailers to let them know you now take back your packaging and how they should handle returns. For retailers, it can be as easy as training your staff on taking back your private label products.

At Circulr, we prioritize reuse. Circulr has a network of collection sites around the regions we operate. We do this so that businesses don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a collection system themselves. Using the Circulr system gives consumers plenty of options to blend the act of returning packaging seamlessly into their life, thus increasing the return rate of packaging!


Do you run a take-back program and don’t know where to begin? Reach out to us directly through our contact form or this form!

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