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Circulr Reusable Jars

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Take-back Program

Pasta Sauce

If you look around, you will see that reuse is everywhere around us, from the beer store and milk bottle returns to takeout schemes and events. This segment of packaging is growing fast among businesses that realize reuse has numerous benefits, such as increased loyalty, repeat purchases, and improved brand image.  Beyond just deposits, which […]

Circulr’s Deposit Program

Cash Rewards for All! We are excited to announce a new initiative that promotes our objective of making sustainability and reduced waste in our community easy and rewarding. As you know, Circulr has partnered with businesses large and small to create a system where their food packaging can be easily returned for reuse. Starting now, […]

Deposits for Food Packaging

Deposit money for reusable packaging

Deposits, Rewards, and Encouraging Consumers to Reuse For reuse to succeed from both an environmental and economic perspective, a mass return of items needs to take place. Through many use cycles, the cost and emissions created from the production of reusable packaging are reduced to a much lower point that reuse champions. Although, Circulr has […]