What Circulr Collects

Circulr works with amazing brands to help them reuse their packaging. We work to collect the items below so that we can live in a more circular economy. Please rinse all items before dropping off in one of our collection bins.


All Beck's Broth Products
All Ma's Best Products
All Saponetti Products
All Four All Products
All Funky Ferments packaging
All Manning Canning glass jar packaging

All Tiffinday packaging

All Country Flavour packaging
All Crafty Ramen reusable packaging

All PriZurv packaging.

All Simpla packaging
All nomz glass packaging.
All Alchemy Pickle Company packaging.
All Filsingers glass Jars
All The Brothery packaging.
All Raffaele di Mamma packaging.

Mason jars and other glass containers that are similar in shape. These items are collected to be cleaned and distributed to small local brands. Lid is not necessary. 

No jars or bottles with a small bottleneck please (hard to wash)! No glass of any type under the size of 100ml (no reuse demand)!

All Green & Frugal packaging. Only accepted back at Green and Frugal.
All Elva's All Naturals packaging with the exception of cardboard.