Is reuse safe and sanitary?

  • We know during this pandemic many people are worried about sanitation in reuse. Though scientists have said reuse is safe during COVID, Circulr takes special care to ensure our process is sanitary and safe. All of the packaging returned to our bins is washed and sanitized in order to ensure any germs or bacteria are removed. Once the containers are clean they are packaged and sealed before being shipped back to the supplier for reuse.


What products can I return with Circulr?

  • Circulr works with great brands who are eliminating their waste. Check out what we collect here.


My packaging is damaged/ cracked, can I still return it?

  • Unfortunately we’re only able to accept packaging that is in the same condition it was in when you purchased it. If there are any cracks, dents, or other damage, we kindly ask that you recycle the package.


Can I return packaging even if I did not track it when I purchased it?

  • Yes! We accept all of the packaging listed on our what we collect page, regardless of when it was purchased, or if it was tracked.


Do I have to wash my containers before returning them?

  • No, but we do ask that you rinse out any remaining food from the container. A simple rinse makes the washing process much easier!


Do I have to return the packaging to the same location I bought it?

  • No, you can return the packaging to any of the collection sites in our network.