Why Reuse?

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

By reusing your product packaging you can reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill and reduce your the carbon emissions created in the production and sourcing of your product 

Increase Customer Loyalty

Returning packaging is an extra touch point you can have with your customer. Returning packaging to the store where they bought it brings customers that much closer to immediately repurchasing 

Reduce Packaging Costs

Quality packaging that is thrown away after a single use can represent thousands of dollars lost for your company. Circulr can wash and return your packaging for less than the cost of new packaging

Don't Just Take It From Us...

How It Works 

1. Enjoy & Return
Consumers return empty packaging to a retailer in our collection network & receive rewards and their deposits

2. Behind The Scenes
Circulr collects, sanitizes and stores packaging for brands until its ready to be returned

3. Reuse
Your brand refills the packaging with product and keeps the cycle going