When you reuse you benefit all of us by reducing pollution and waste. Circulr wants to reward you for all of your good work!

Circulr Rewards are based off of a point system - Circulr uses the email you use in our purchase and collection forms to track if you've reached different point levels. Once you've reached a point level we will send you a reward!

How do I get points?

  • 1 point for tracking an item
  • 3 points for returning an item
  • 10 points for sending us an email with proof that you referred a friend
    • When we see your friends email come through one of the above forms you get rewarded.

What do I get with points?

  • Coupons, and discounts for Circulr businesses
    • At 20, 50, and 100 points there's a secret reward!
  • Gift Card
    • There is nothing much better than that - when you reach 500 points we will send you a $10 gift card to a Circulr brand or retail partner of your choice!