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Reuse Benefits for CPG Brands


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Reuse Benefits for CPG Brands

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Reuse Benefits for CPG Brands:

Unlocking the power of reusable packaging for CPG brands – from cost savings to environmental benefits and more!

Joining Circulr is an easy way for local consumer packaged goods brands to become part of the circular economy. Circulr helps brands reduce their environmental impact while also enabling them to tap into the many other benefits of reuse:

  1. Elevate your brand image: Participating in Circulr can help separate your brand form the competition by showing your commitment to sustainability
  2. Get the full value out of your packaging: Reuse through Circulr allows your brand to fully utilize the packaging that you’ve already invested in by extending its full useful life
  3. Bolster brand loyalty and build meaningful connections: By joining Circulr and participating in reuse you are making your customers an important part of your shared value chain. Consumers are more committed to your brand and view you as a leader in sustainability

How Circulr Can Help Your Brand Reuse

Circulr offers a suite of services that can either be deployed individually or as a complete package in order to fully outsource the operations of reuse. When deployed together, these services create a seamless experience for consumers and help brands reap the full benefits of reuse with little to no extra work.

Reusable packaging has become an increasingly attractive option for CPG brands looking to reduce costs and their environmental impact. From cutting down on single-use plastics to reducing waste, the benefits of reusable packaging are undeniable. Consider our Circulr model to help your brand see cost savings, environmental benefits, and other advantages associated with reusable packaging.

Since working with Circulr, we have been able to reuse thousands of jars. This has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, incorporate a reuse program within our business, save money, and support our local economy. They help us achieve a higher level of sustainability and circularity. We are so fortunate to work with Circulr.

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