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Reuse Benefits for Retailers


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Reuse Benefits for Retailers

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Reuse Benefits for Retailers

Retailers are a crucial part of the Circulr system, and joining is effortless. Circulr simply puts one of our Circulr collection bins in store along side some posters that explain the process to consumers, then regularly collects from the bin. If you sell any Circulr enabled products in stores we can also provide on shelf advertising letting consumers know these products are now reusable. This whole process requires no extra effort from retailers and is completely free.

Circulr can also help your store reuse your private label packaging. To learn more about how we can support your private label brand, book a meeting with us or read our brand page.

We've wanted to offer reuse for a while but the logistics were too much for us to take on alone. Circulr has taken the hassle out of the process, allowing us to offer reuse to our customers who are adopting it more and more.

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Key Benefits of Circulr for Retailers

Reusable packaging is on the rise – learn why and how it can benefit your business’s environmental initiatives and support the growth of your business.

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