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Circulr Reusable Jars


our very own circulrs

In our effort to build the future circular economy we want to go beyond just handling packaging directly for brands and consumers. We want to help change the conversation about reuse and circularity. It’s not only importat for us to have the infrastructure necesary to enable the CIrcular economy, but also for us to have conversations about the importance of Circularity and how we can get the most amount of people involved.

Through this blog we’ll be exploring topics like why Reuse is such an important tool in our sustainability tool belt, why companies stopped reuse programs when it was the norm, and why now is the right time to bring them back. We’ll be adding to this blog section periodically with entries from our founding team, Circulr partners, and other guest writers, all who will give their take on Circulr and the future of the Circular economy.

If you have any questions about any of our blog articles or want to contribute please feel free to fill out our “contact us form” to get in touch